Hoops Adult Basketball Boot Camps

Our HOOPS ADULT BOOT CAMP is based around Functional strength training.  Our classes activate multiple muscle groups during each exercise, instead of isolating just one muscle.  The motion and movements of functional strength training relates not only to sports athletes trying to perform at a high level, but also non-athletes and the activities they perform everyday.


Most people want to participate in workouts that:


Build/Maintain Strength


Lose/Maintain Body Weight


Most Importantly are FUN!

Functional strength training allows members to achieve all this. Our programs take on a theme much like a basketball game.


Warm-up The beginning of the workout we have our warm-up and stretch.  It is important that the body is ready to take on the demands of performing at an active level.  We usually take 10-15 minutes stretching with light to moderate movement. Jump rope, jogging, running in place, followed by stretching.


Game Time: There are 4 quarters in our workouts at HOOPS. The beginning of each quarter will focus on strength and usually end with cardio vascular training in the form of a competitive challenge or fun game.


Each Quarter we target different exercises that will be timed in one minute sets.  Modifying the workout for people at different levels of strength starts here.  People starting at a beginner level are able to take the minute at their pace and adjust their resistance levels accordingly.  On the other end, a professional athlete is able to push themselves.


Cardio and Strength training combined in a creative way giving you maximum results. This is not your typical work out.  This one is FUN!


6:45 AM - 7:45 AM 6:45 AM - 7:45 AM 6:45 AM - 7:45 AM
8:45 AM - 9:45 AM 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM

$120 per month (4 weeks) or $100 for 10 classes to be used in 2 months.




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"HOOPS is amazing!! The coaches are amazing!! There is no where else I would want to be!! Both Pat and Fenny have taught me so much not only in basketball but in life!!  It wasn't always easy but it definitely made me a better player and person!! I Love them both so much!! They have done above and beyond for me and everyone who comes into their gym!! If you want to become a better player and person HOOPS is where you need to be!!"





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